France Talks – Yakuza : Like a Dragon (2007)

Sega refuses to greenlight my billion dollar cross-over idea. Sonic: Like a Hedgehog.


7 thoughts on “France Talks – Yakuza : Like a Dragon (2007)

  1. That transition in the direct to video film was amazing.
    I remember doing a lot of Karaoke in the Yakuza games – is there any in the movie? 😛
    Love these reviews!

      • Lol – I’ll try and check this one out anyway – I like how much it looks like the games as you say, they seemed to have nailed that.

        Miike did Ace Attorney too didn’t he – think the last film I saw of his was 13 Assassins which had an amazing finale.

      • I do have Netflix but mines is the UK library of films, it doesn’t have Hara-Kiri availible for streaming here. 😦

        I’ve ordered it off amazon for a few quid though – love a good samurai movie 😀 Cheers for the recommendation.

  2. what a neat idea for a blog! i love asian flicks, but it’s sometimes hard to find ones that appeal to my tastes. thanks for providing these reviews!

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